Review 4

Fresh shoes - great service!

Cutt were great! 

The prices are very reasonable and the whole process was easy to do.

The collection was on time and all perfect. I had a slight delay on re-delivery but it was during a super busy promotion they had on so the driver was slammed. They even re-funded me without me even asking and credited me a free clean for the future for the half hour or so delay! 

Joe was a pleasure to speak to and couldn't recommend them more. 10/10 for service and shoes came back fresh AF!

- James

Review 3

I used Cutt to clean a pair of canvas trainers

I used Cutt to clean a pair of canvas trainers recently. I had thought my trainers were beyond the point of being saved, as they had significant marks from people's feet, soil etc. I turned to Cutt because I didn't have the knowledge or skill to restore my trainers myself, which I love and had ended up like that because I wore them so much! When my trainers were returned (very convenient!), I was amazed by the level to which they had been cleaned, really looking like a different pair of shoes, back to their former glory! Thanks so much guys, great value and service!

- David